Spring 2014

The Mellor Society Annual General Meeting & The Great Mellor Quiz
This year the Society is promoting The Great Mellor Quiz to be held in conjunction with the AGM. The business of the Society comprising approval of previous minutes, reports, subscription rate, accounts and election of officers, together with the consideration of any business brought forward by the committee or membership will be dealt with followed by the quiz.

If any member wishes to bring forward any business please contact The Chair or Hon Secretary before the end of February.

Refreshments will be available during the evening.

The event will be held at Mellor Primary School commencing at 7:00 pm on Thursday 27th March 2014.

We hope that this programme will provide a more interesting and enjoyable evening to those attending as well as increasing knowledge of our village and local area. Some teams, based on church groups and some local pubs, have already signed up to the event. So please get together with your friends and neighbours and enter a team (of up to 6 people).

Each team is charged £5 to enter with all the proceeds going to the Mellor March supporting cancer charities.
Entry forms are available from Tim Lowe, 0161 499 5935.

Shed Security – What you can do?
From Safer Stockport Community Messaging.

Your home may be very secure, but what about your shed? Think about the expensive equipment you keep in your sheds and garages. Why make it easy for the thief? Burglary of garden sheds is on the increase, particularly in the Heaton’s. Any valuable electrical items should be kept in the home. However, there are some practical steps you can take to secure your shed and its contents.

Fences And Gates
Good rear garden fence or hedges coupled with a lockable side gate will help protect your shed. Prevent thieves hopping from garden to garden by planting prickly plants next to the fence.

Don’t forget the benefit of exterior lighting. This can be a simple switch system operated from your house to illuminate your garden area. Passive infra-red lighting is now a popular and inexpensive option to consider. These lights come on automatically when someone is detected by the sensor. Thieves don’t like to be seen!

Shed Security
A good quality hasp and staple with a padlock is essential. Remember to choose a hasp and staple that is bolted to the door and frame for extra strength. Use special screw heads that secure the hinges to your shed doors, or smear glue on the screw heads. This will prevent them being unscrewed.

Having secured your doors don’t forget the windows, perhaps the best way of securing the windows is to fit internal grilles or bars.

How To Mark Your Property
To make your property identifiable and less attractive to the thief use an ultra violet pen to mark items with your postcode followed by your house number. Ultra Violet pens can be bought from good DIY stores. Alternatively you can use paint to mark your lawn mower, garden tools etc. A thief will not be able to sell your property if it’s easily identifiable.

What’s The Benefit Of Property Marking?
If the Police recover your property we know who to return it to. It also helps to secure a conviction if we arrest someone in possession of marked items.

Always lock cycles to something fixed or bulky whilst in the shed or garage (ladders or workbench). Have them security marked and registered.

Garden Tools
Don’t leave any tools outside in the garden which may assist a burglar in breaking into your home. Ladders should always be secured.

There are now simple and inexpensive alarms available for use in sheds and garages. By using such an alarm you will be alerted if anyone enters your shed so will your neighbours.

“Your garden is for you to enjoy, not the thief. Let’s keep it that way”!

Two books with local interest:
‘Snapshots, Mellor through the Seasons’
A collection of photographs taken around Mellor capturing the beauty and spirit of a wonderful village.  Let the images take you on an emotional journey through the year.
Sold in aid of The Children’s Society, the charity being supported by Rebecca, the Mellor Rose Queen for 2013-14 her special year.

‘Thomas Walklate and Mellor School’
By David Ackroyd
This updated edition of a book first published in 1998 tells of a yeoman farmer who had the foresight to endow a village school. It follows the work of the Walklate Educational Foundation established in 1639 when the first Mellor School was built through to the present day. During this time the school has twice moved to a new location and been under the control of two educational authorities before becoming an academy in 2011. All profits support the Walklate Educational Foundation
Both available from the Parish Centre or via www.sycamoremp.co.uk

The Mellor March
This year sees the 20th anniversary of the Mellor March which has now donated over £150,000 to cancer charities. The aim this year is to try to raise £20,000 to celebrate the anniversary. The March takes place on Sunday 4th May and if you have never yet joined the March do make a special effort this year. It is a circular ten mile walk with stunning scenery with people able to turn for home at many points if the ten miles is too long. It raises money by sponsorship and donations as well as corporate backing.
Many other events are linked to the March – marathon runs and walks, birthday parties etc. This year the first Mellor March Lantern Walk was held just before Christmas. Torch carrying walkers were sent off from the Royal Oak by a brass band, enjoyed carols sung by Mellor School Choir in the churchyard and more carols sung by the Hare and Hounds choir. Slightly wet underfoot but a lovely occasion.
The Mellor March somehow captures the spirit of Mellor.  

Anniversary of the start of the First World War
As we move towards a time of commemoration of the Great War Mellor Primary school is keen to develop a special project to remember the men who fell in WW1.
Mr. Nicholson has already met with members of the Friends of the Memorial Garden and some ideas were presented and discussed. Since that meeting further ideas have developed.

1.     The children will develop a book to publish about the men who fought and died from the Mellor area.

2.       A named plaque for each man lost in the Great War to be designed and place at their relevant Mellor home (with permission of the present owners of course). We will need a ceramics expert to undertake the work.

3.    The children will research the men on the memorial using census material and information provided by Anne Hearle and develop a walk trail/map of where the men came from.

4.     A special poppy design in the garden is to be developed alongside the Friends of the Memorial Garden.

5.     A special piece of art/sculpture to be designed and presented to the memorial garden by the children of Mellor Primary school.

6.     In 1920 a special service was held to open the memorial garden – we could repeat the service with songs, prayers and tributes.

Mr. Nicholson is presently gathering information to put together a funding bid to English Heritage to enable the work above to be undertaken. Any suggestions and offers of help in aspects of the ideas would be welcomed.

Jim Nicholson, Headteacher

Mill Brow
A determined attempt to solve the problem of the road flooding by the Hare and Hounds was made in the month before Christmas. The road was closed while new drains were installed that will hopefully take the water away from the road and eventually into Mill Brook.

Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy –
Mellor Mill and the Peak Forest Canal in Marple
The Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £1.5M has been awarded to joint grantees, Mellor Archaeological Trust and the Canal and Rivers Trust (formerly British Waterways) to carry out the Industrial Heritage project Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy, Mellor Mill and the Peak Forest Canal in Marple.  There are now a number of issues to resolve before funds can be drawn down for the project.  Mellor Archaeological Trust has to establish a 25 year lease from Roman Lakes Leisure Parks Ltd for the Mellor Mill site, the ancillary building by the River Goyt and the site of Mellor Lodge (Samuel Oldknow’s 7 bedroomed mansion).  We also have to put in post a full time Project Officer, a part time Archaeological Officer, an Education Officer and a Mill Site Director.  Finally there are contractors who we  will have to go out to tender for.  All this should be in place over the next few weeks so that by Easter the 3 year project will be in full swing.

In the meantime volunteers are down at the Mellor Mill Site each weekend both excavating and acting as guides for visitors.  If you would like to arrange a guided tour for a group you represent or wish to volunteer to help then please contact Bob Humphrey-Taylor either mobile 07710 964046 or email


Friends of Mellor Parish Centre –  Forthcoming Events

Thursday March 6th 
Wine Tasting Evening with Paul and Matthew Dutson 7.30pm Parish Centre
This event will be limited to 30 people. Booking open for Friends January 27th, public booking from February 3rd. Tickets £12.50 from Angela Stead  0161 427 3571.

Saturday April 5th
Textile Journeys 4 This all-day event is given by 3 eminent textilers, and features a talk by Elizabeth Wall entitled ‘Ecclesiastical Expectations,’ and workshops given by Elizabeth on ‘Jewelled Fish’ (suitable for beginners), Hannah Leighton Boyce on ‘Mark Making, Writing and Text’, and Alice Hutchinson on ‘Fold, Gather and Stitch’. Tickets are £35, which includes the keynote talk, choice of one workshop and a delicious, homemade buffet lunch. Early booking is essential.
Further information and booking forms from Kitty Watt 0161 427 4370 or Rosemary Hawkesley 0161 427 8808.

Saturday April 26th
Rubber Bridge Drive 1.30 pm Parish Centre  Tickets at £5 per person or £18 per table from Val Wallace 0161 427 4900. Booking opens on March 17th.

For Marple Civic Society Speaker Meeting Programme 2014 please follow this link