MMMC August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019 Newsletter


What’s the latest?

 Since our last newsletter, we’ve held our first Topic Group Meetings. Each included and was lead by one or more of the Management Committee. These need more people involved to express more views and ideas. We also recognise that it won’t be clear to many people what these groups are for, what they are aiming to do and how they should be run in a practical sense. For that reason we’re going to arrange a full separate meeting which will be a kind of workshop to give people lost of guidance on this and set up a template for this work. This will be sometime in early September and may require just an hour or so of your time. We’re interested in what you all have to say!


Topic Groups


Just a reminder of the topic groups we’ve identified to start us off:

Employment: This will cover jobs and businesses, where they should be, how planning can support and encourage our local economy

Transport and Infrastructure: This is getting about and how we do that with roads, footpaths, bridleways and all the systems that support this

Housing: This includes what type of housing we should have, where, how much, what style etc

Heritage: It will also cover our historic buildings, things we want to preserve and protect in the built environment and linkages to our past.

Green Space: anything to do with the environment, from parks and greenbelt to footpaths, topography and views


These groups will discuss what we want our area to be like over the next 20 years; where are we now and what sort of land use will get us to where we want to be? We can research aspects and gather data and evidence for our ideas and policies. Again it’s worth emphasising; participants don’t need to be technical experts. You’re all experts on our area and all have local knowledge.

How can you help and get in touch?

We have asked this before but please continue to chat to your friends and neighbours about what we’re doing. Let us know if you, or anyone you make contact with, is interested in working on the Plan, maybe in a specialist area or one of particular interest. Affiliated groups can help by circulating this to their members. All this is part of how we want and need to engage everyone in the local community.

You can contact us by mailing us at . Also have a look at our facebook page at MMMC Neighbourhood Plan . You can also contact one of our Management Committee Members:  Phil Cooke, Kathryn Davies, Janet Graves, Hilda Heald, Mary Heijbroek, Ann Papageorgiou, Greg Pike, Becky Senior, Ann Vernon-Haden, Malcolm Allan,

MMMC Neighbourhood Plan Update


December 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest update on the progress with our Neighbourhood Plan.

Our application for “designation” has now got through the initial stage and should be in front of the local Area Committee for approval this month. Assuming it passes this, we then expect it to be at the Stockport Council meeting of 17thJanuary. We hope designation is, at that stage a formality.

So at that point we’ll need to arrange an AGM to formally elect our Management Committee (up to 16 of us!) and get us going. We’d also hope to get an application for grant funding sent in to the Government department responsible. This would allow us to pay for all the minor things like room hire, communications to residents, maybe a letterbox drop as well as setting up a proper web page and commissioning studies to help our plan.

We know from contact with other plans this is the start of quite a long process, but it should be enjoyable, interesting and ultimately a good thing for our communities.

The steering group is quite small, and the active members are just a few of us. We’ll need lots of help when we get started. There is room for those who can’t commit much time but maybe want to do things from home, or just help occasionally when time permits. There’s also scope for those with a keen enthusiasm in particular areas, whether that’s one of our Topic Groups who’ll write the plan, or on the Management Committee. Here we need skills in areas such as communications, IT, marketing, Town Planning, archives and record keeping, secretarial, legal and so on. All offers of help are welcome and nothing is too much or too little. The main requirement is to be committed to the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan and to want to help us achieve this.

Publicity and engagement
We think we’ve done quite a lot of this as a steering group with no funds! However, we are hearing from people who haven’t come across us until now. Please do chat to your friends and neighbours about what we’re doing. We can send our brochure electronically to anyone who asks. To those newly affiliated organisations (of which we have more than 20) please help us by circulating this newsletter to your members. That’s a huge help towards spreading the communication further in the area of the Plan.

For those in the Marple Bridge area, you should have seen us in the brochure for Winter Wonderland and one of our team was on hand at the event, talking to interested people.

Meanwhile if you need to get in touch you can contact us on

or look at our facebook page at MMMC Neighbourhood Plan