Summer 2018

Mellor Church Country Fete 30thJune 2018

Andy Sokill hoisted the large St George’s flag up our new Church flagpole in readiness for a happy sunny day with Lara Combey to be crowned as Rose Queen by retiring Rose Queen Ellie Wilson overseen by Revd. Ann Hyde.

The Queens and retinue were driven up from Brabyns on an immense Unimog driven by David Watson with Debbie; followed by John Hodgson’s Tractor pulling a trailer with the Jazz band and Revd. Ann with Churchwarden Andrew Sanders on straw bales. This was a first for Ann, as was blessing of the stunning Well Dressing commemorating the RAF. We were pleased to have Rachel Collier from the RAF to join us.

Rose Queen Ellie has spent the last year organising many entertaining community events to raise money for Young Minds Charity, with her retinue, Zoe, Honor, Molly Burrows, Hermione and Molly Scott.

Rose Queen Lara with her retinue, Amy and Abby Norbury, Beth Holton, Bethany Tadikonda, Daisy Henderson, Eve Brady, Ellie Britton, George and Harriet Maxwell. The young ladies looked gorgeous in dark blue dresses with pink ribbons and the little ones with white dresses with pink ribbons.

Most excitement came when a teddy with parachute landed in the top of a tree.

Sally Maltby’s grandaughter said “I want my teddy back” Chris Mann said “I want my parachute back”, whereupon Hero of the fête was dad – Matt, who after many unsuccessful attempts climbed the tree to get teddy down to much applause.

The Maypole this year was organised by Tom Lowe with Clare Jackson on violin, with the Rose Queen and pupils of Mellor School dancing around.

Punch and Judy under the watchful eye of Ian Dayes was operated by Sam Crowther and Tobin Rose.

Another highlight was the brand new Human Fruit Machine ordered by Helen Kennedy from Peter Williams.

We were glad to have Anthea Nicholls back this year on Teddy Tombola and Sue MacAllister in the WEF tent with jewellery etc. and Catherine Starling on Toy Tombola.

There was a corner with a wedding VW campervan together with an “e type” Jag and two Morgan cars.

Ray with his Dog Agility kept everyone entertained , as did Bubble Man.

Vivien Ayres donated a guess the weight cake – beautifully decorated with a maypole and won by worthy winner Janet Dixon.

Lynda and Cath had a record year on Bottle tombola. The bar sold 1000 pints. There were quality plants, beef burgers, refreshments, preserves, sweets, cakes, biscuits, for sale and games to play and drums to beat.

Otherwise, things were pretty much the same as last year.

A huge thank you to all who helped before, during and after the Fete; the sponsors , raffle prize givers and all those who attended and supported it in so many different ways.

Maggie Williams.


Speed limits – a Health and Safety issue.

Over the years there has been concern about speed and safety on the roads of Mellor.  I’m aware of at least two local petitions for a 20mph speed limit on specific roads, and of letters sent to the Council and MPs.  Other than a section of Longhurst Lane near Mellor School, nothing has altered.

This situation needs to change before there is a serious accident – bolting horses and stable doors come to mind.  Of particular concern is the section of Longhurst Lane from above Mellor Sports Club to Mellor Rec, with children walking and cycling to school and pedestrians almost impossible to see on winter evenings.  Of equal concern is Gibb Lane with the large number of vans rushing to deliver goods to the Linnet Clough and the Golf Course competing with walkers, cyclists, horse riders, joggers and many groups of children on their way to the Scout Camp. Parts of Moor End Road are also worrying, as are Hollins Lane, Ley Lane and Mill Brow through to Hollywood, again with horses, walkers, pedestrians and cyclists alongside cars and agricultural traffic.

What do all these road have in common?  First, they are old routes, starting off as narrow rural tracks. Second, they are residential areas, or lead to communities, and have considerably more traffic now than 50 years ago.  Third, they lack any pavement in the narrower sections – presumably because they are narrow! Fourth, vehicles often have to slow down or stop to pass each other.  Fifth, most of these roads are winding and have limited visibility. Sixth, all these roads have the standard 30mph speed limit.

The TfGM website states that, together with its ten constituent Councils, they are developing a Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Strategy which will: ‘set out how we will make it easier and safer for people to cycle and walk in Greater Manchester’.  In 2015 the Transport Safety Commission* recognised that some road users feel vulnerable, regardless of statistics, and recommended that making ‘active travel walking and cycling less risky and so more attractive would have major health and environmental benefits’.

There is much talk these days about pollution, well-being and keeping active by walking, cycling and jogging more and using the car less.  The Council’s web site lists the benefits of children walking and cycling to school and encourages them to do so.  However, if people are to be more active, they need to do so safely.

I’m therefore proposing that the Mellor Society supports a united approach for a 20mph speed limit on all Mellor roads withstreet lighting but withoutpavements. Think which roads, or sections of roads, this would involve near you.  What do you think?  This would exclude isolated roads such as Shiloh, Chatterton and Bogguard, but include the roads mentioned earlier.

A speed limit is proposed because other traffic calming methods, such as road humps, are generally not popular with local residents, besides being more expensive.

What next?  If you are concerned about traffic speed and safety, or have campaigned about this in the past, then please make your views known to the Mellor Society via its website (  Likewise, if you have any comments or opinions on this topic we would be interested to hear them too.

Providing this proposal has sufficient support in principle, it could then be included in the Neighbourhood Plan for Mellor, Marple Bridge, MillBrow and Compstall area (  Once agreed in a local referendum the Council has a legal obligation to follow a Neighbourhood Plan.  Given the many official policy documents linking road safety and health I’m sure that, with sufficient support, we can make it happen this time.        Ann Papageorgiou – June 2018

*UK Transport Safety – who is responsible? March 2015

Mellor Society Annual General Meeting 2018

  1. Apologies: M Williams, G Marsh, D Cole

2a.  Approval of minutes of the previous AGM: proposed by B Lazenby and seconded by S Cunliffe and agreed by all attending.

2b.  Report of the Committee 2018

The committee meets 6 times a year to maintain the fabric of the society and action their and members concerns about the environment and amenities in Mellor and Mill Brow. We are supported by our local SMBC Councillors Annette Finnie, Malcolm Allan and Geoff Abell who take turns as ex-officio members of the committee.

We report on our activities in the newsletter and on our website.

During the past year we have continued to make donations to Mellor School library, the Royal British Legion, and the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Adam Stevens will provide more details in his report

The committee’s main activity this year has been to continue to promote a Neighbourhood Plan for our area and this has now expanded to cover Marple Bridge and much of Compstall. It is now designated as the Mellor, Marple Bridge, Mill Brow and Compstall Neighbourhood Plan.

Not a Mellor Society Committee responsibility, the Neighbourhood Plan group has its own Steering Committee which is holding a Launch event this coming Saturday, 24 March’18 at Ludworth Womens Institute Hall, Lower Fold 2:00 till 4:30. The purpose is to present its objectives to the wider community, apply for registration with SMBC and then be able to obtain funding to develop the project. It is an opportunity for everyone in the community to register their interest and state what is important to them for the continued development of our area over the next 20 years. The eventual output from the community, utilising the Neighbourhood Plan process, will form part of our Boroughs planning legislation.

Several years ago we publicised a society member’s project to secure 20mph speed limits on some of our local roads. A Papageorgiou is currently seeking support/local interest on 20mph speed limits on local roads with no footpaths but having street lighting. If anyone wishes to support such a campaign please contact Ann or any Mellor Society Committee Member.

Ilona, our membership secretary has had to resign from the committee as she has recently moved out of the area. Margaret Simpson has again represented the membership at the wreath laying on Remembrance Sunday and Val Wallace continues to print our newsletters at the Parish Centre. Annandale Solutions is again sponsoring and hosting our website and the Friends of Mellor Parks turn out regularly to maintain the Memorial Garden and park in association with SMBC. I would like to express thanks on behalf of the committee and membership to all those mentioned and also to our newsletter deliverers and subscription collectors.

I am pleased to report that Maggie Williams, who cannot be here this evening, has volunteered to join the committee. If there are others who can help delivering newsletters, wish to serve on the committee or require further information about any of the evenings formal proceedings please contact me.

Also, if you have anything of local interest that you wish to be included in our newsletters and website please contact I Davies.

2c.  The cost of annual subscription is to be maintained at £1 per member.

2d. Presentation of the Society Accounts and review by the Financial Secretary:

A Stevens presented the accounts in detail handing out copies of the details to members.

Total expenditure for 2017 was £740:15 with income from the membership of £1031:60 for the same period. The total positive cash balance as at 31 December’17 is £2,200:06.

If any member requires further details please contact A Stevens. B Lazenby and C Garlick proposed and seconded that the accounts be accepted and all present agreed.

2e.  With the exception of the Membership Secretary who has moved out of our area all existing committee members plus M Williams offered themselves for election. This was accepted by all attending.

2f.  There was no business brought to the meeting by the Committee.

2g.  There was no business brought to the meeting by the Hon Secretary on behalf of the Membership.

  1. The AGM was closed by the Chair and refreshments were served prior to the commencement of the Great Mellor Quiz (proceeds from which were to be donated to the Mellor March Fund).


Friends of Mellor Parish Centre

Forthcoming events  in September include  a talk on Architecture of Marple or a Raw Silk Jazz Evening.

In October there will be a Fashion Show and a Jen and Tom Lowe Concert accompanied by Claire Durham on piano.

During December there will be a Christmas Quiz.

All the above events are still at the planning stage and further details will be published in the “Friends” newsletter when available.

We’ve promised to keep you up to date following your much appreciated interest in this initiative.

As you know, we have a steering committee in place to take us through the early stages. The committee meets monthly and is now focussed on achieving registration of the Forum along with the Plan area. This has to be done through Stockport Council and, as explained at our launch meeting, there is a formal application process we have to follow.

We’ve set up some very small sub groups to get next steps in place:


Two of the team are working on this and will aim to have it completed by mid-July. We’re told the processing of this will take around 3-4 months. It has to be formally approved by the Marple Area Committee and then by a full meeting of Stockport Council. These meetings take place only every 6 weeks or so.

Contact with Schools

We are very keen to engage parents and our younger citizens. If we’re successful in getting a plan adopted, then school pupils will be affected – the plan life could be 20 years!

Contacts with Businesses

Again, a couple of colleagues are working on ensuring we engage local employers, who also have a say in the Plan. Some will be local residents too, but many will not – even if they live close by in Marple or Romiley for example.

Contact with Community Groups

We now have a list of registered groups, and many have been contacted but we need to make sure we go as widely as we can. Groups who want to participate, contribute ideas or just stay in touch will be “affiliated” and be involved just like residents.

Brochure, Publicity and Engagement

We’ve drafted a short brochure which explains what we’re aiming to do and how and covers how people get in touch with us. This is attached! It will be on our stalls at events such as the wonderfully successful Compstall Royal Wedding Fete where we found it really useful to meet locals who haven’t yet heard about the MMMC or who already had some views on what should be in the Plan. We aim to do the same at Mellor Fete (30 June’18).

We’re still interested in anyone who feels they have skills to contribute or is ready to convert their interest to being active with the Committee. Skills we’ll need include planning, marketing, communication, archiving, finance, secretarial and much more.

Meanwhile if you need to get in touch you can contact us on

or look at our facebook page

The Steering Committee for The Mellor, Marple Bridge, Mill Brow and Compstall Neighbourhood Plan.

Friends of Mellor War Memorial Garden

This year has been a tough one for the gardeners. The ground is currently like iron and weeding is almost impossible. One effect of the unusual weather we have had so far this year, is that horsetails are growing in abundance. One bed, in particular, is full of it. We tried to control them by laying some weed suppressant. The result was that they just grew through the material. Now we are considering grassing over this bed so that regular mowing will exhaust the extensive root system of this weed.

A further problem, that we think is weather related, concerns the perennial convolvulus in the area where the war memorial is situated. Many of them have died so leaving large patches of earth and emerging horsetails!

There are, however, successes. The rose bed is coping admirably with this dry spell and the ‘wild’ bed behind the roses looks a picture.

The band of volunteer gardeners meet from 10.00 a.m. until 12.00 on the second Saturday of the month throughout the year and on Thursday afternoons in the summer months. If you have a few spare hours and would like to help please contact the Chair or Hon. Secretary of Mellor Society.

Hilary Humphrey-Taylor