Summer 2022

The Mellor Society


Mellor Parish Centre from 7:00pm until 9:00pm on Thursday 8th September 2022.

The Mellor Society Committee hopes that you have stayed safe and well during the Covid crisis and you appreciate why we have been unable to hold our annual meetings nor make doorstep deliveries and collections.

Not withstanding the above the committee has continued to work on behalf of our community primarily concerning highways maintenance, drainage and road safety issues.

Our efforts have been supported by our local councillors.

We have also continued to support charities including Campaign For The Protection of Rural England, Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Mellor Primary School (via The Walklate Trust)

Committee members have also been involved in Friends of Mellor Parks

Prior to the Covid pandemic we have, over many years, tried to recruit more members involvement in the Society as committee members, deliverers of newsletters/collectors of subscriptions, contributing to the website/newsletter content.

Currently we need a further 8 deliverers/subs collectors to cover those who have told us they are retiring this year.

Our Chairperson, Hon Secretary, acting Membership Secretary, newsletter editor are also retiring and no-one has come forward to fill these positions.

Very few of our members don’t have access to mobile devices to keep in touch with people. In the area covered by the Mellor Society there are several active social network sites and local groups involved in specific issues. In these circumstances and the continuing lack of membership involvement with the Society the Committee is calling for an  Annual  General Meeting to determine the future of the Society and if it has a continuing role in our community.

The attendees will be asked to vote on the following:

“The proposal is to windup the Mellor Society”

If the vote is in favour a further proposal to be voted on will be:

“The serving committee will, after meeting all Society liabilities, oversee the equal distribution of any remaining funds to local charities/good causes”.

If you have any comments on the above that you require the meeting to address these should be submitted in writing to the Hon Secretary, any Committee Member or via the Contact the Committee page on the Mellor Society website.

Also, if you are unable to attend the AGM but wish to vote for or against the above proposal please use the contact the committee page on the Mellor Society website. Please be aware that there is little point voting to maintain the Society if you are not prepared to get involved.

Thank you  –  The Mellor Society Committee.